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Frequently Asked Questions



1. How long can I stay in Montenegro after taking duty free fuel?
You must clear out of Montenegrin waters inside 24 hours after taking duty free fuel.

2. Where is the duty free fuel station in the Port of Bar?
The fuel station is on the outer breakwater 200m inside the port entrance. Fuel is delivered ex-pipe.

3. Which ports in Montenegro have duty free fuel?
Duty free fuel is available in the ports of Zelenika, Tivat, Kotor and Bar.

4. What are the working hours of the fuel station in Bar?
The fuel station in Bar is open 24/7.

5. How is fuel supplied in Kotor?
Fuel supply in Kotor is done by truck.

6. If I do not take all the fuel that I ordered are there any charges?
If the fuel is supplied ex-pipe in Bar and Tivat then there are no charges.
If the fuel is supplied by truck the penalty fee is applied.

7. What is the controlling depth of the fuel dock in Porto Montenegro, Tivat?
7 m.

8. What is the length of the fuel dock in Tivat?
100 m.

9. Which VHF channel does the fuel dock in Porto Montenegro, Tivat monitor?
They monitor VHF Ch8

10. What is the flow rate at the fuel station Porto Montenegro, Tivat?
The flow rate in Tivat is between 250 to 300 ltr/min.

11. What types of fuel are available in Tivat?
Only AGO (Gasoil 10 ppm) is available from the fuel station in Tivat.

12. When I take fuel, can I get a fuel quality certificate, batch analysis and sample?
Yes, a fuel quality certificate, batch analysis and sample will be provided at your request.


1. Is there water and shore power available on the dock in Kotor?
Water is available however shore power is not.

2. Can I wash my boat on berth in the Port of Kotor?
No, wash down is not permitted in the Port of Kotor.

3. Can I use the tender in Bar?
No, Bar is a commercial port and the use of tenders is prohibited.

4. Where can I anchor off Kotor?
Anchorage off Kotor is permitted inside the following area:
1. 42° 28,3  N      18° 43,4  E
2. 42° 28,2  N      18° 42,6  E
3. 42° 28,9  N      18° 43,1  E

5. What is the position of Marina Porto Montenegro, Tivat?
The position is: 42 25’ 59.33’’N       18 41’ 32.13’’E

6. How do I dispose of Garbage in Kotor?
Smaller quantities can be disposed from 08:00-09:00 and from 16:00-17:00 in the garbage bins on the dock.

7. What are Montenegro’s ports of entry?
You can clear into Montenegro in the ports of Zelenika, Tivat, Kotor, Budva and Bar

8. What is the controlling depth in Kotor?
Berth depths range from 5 to 8 meters in Kotor.

9. Which VHF channel does the Pilot in Bar monitor?

Bar Pilot station monitors VHF Ch14.

10. Is there a diver available in Porto Montenegro?
Yes. He has air bags to clear anchors.


1. What is the tonnage cut off for Pilotage in Boka Bay?
You are required to pick up a pilot if the boat is over 1000GRT

2. What documents are required to obtain a vignette (cruising permit)?
One copy of each of the following:
- Crew & passenger list
- Certificate of Registry
- Proof of Insurance
- Master’s license
- Power of Attorney
3. Can I obtain a vignette only for one day?
No, the minimum period for a vignette is seven days.

4. I am the new Master of the yacht, can I use the existing vignette obtained by the previous Master?
No, a vignette is personal to the master not the yacht. So, in this case, the vignette of the previous Master is no longer valid. A new vignette has to be obtained.

5. My boat is 40m LOA and 244t GRT: what is the speed limit in Boka Bay?
The Speed limit in Boka Bay for vessels less than 500 GRT is 12 kn. In addition while in Kumborski Tjesnac and Prolaz Verige channels, the speed limit is restricted to not more than 7 KN).

6. My yacht is 25 meters long, how much will the vignette cost?
A 7 day vignette for boats over 24 meters is €420,00 EUR.

7. Do I need a vignette for the tender?
Yes, all tenders and jet skis must have a Vignette too.

8. I’m planning to visit Montenegro, am I able to enter and stay with my EU ID card?
Yes, with a valid EU ID you can enter and stay in Montenegro for up to 30 days.

9. What documentation is required to obtain a vignette for the tender?
To obtain a vignette for a tender the following documents are required:
-  Master`s license
- Tender`s Insurance Certificate
- Tender`s Registry Certificate (if the tender is not registered then the builders certificate will suffice.)

10. I am a Philippine national, am I required to obtain a visa?
No, if you have a valid US / Schengen visa or a US / EU country residence card, you do not require a visa to enter Montenegro.

11. Do I require a vignette for the Jet Ski?
Yes, Jet ski’s are treated in the same way as tenders – a vignette is required.

12. I have a gun on board, what documents are required to declare it to the authorities?
You will need the following:
-Shotgun (owners) certificate
- Arms License

13. If I use the pilot service several times can I get a pilotage exemption?
It might be possible to obtain an exemption from the Harbour Master’s Office if the same Master of the same boat uses the pilot service at least 5 times for the same route.


1. How long does it take to clear in?
It takes about 30 minutes to complete formalities and clear in.

2. What is the nearest airport to Porto Montenegro?
The nearest is Tivat airport, 15 minutes drive from the port.

3. What is the distance by sea between the Marina in Kotor and the Marina in Budva?
The distance between the two is 28 NM.

4. What is the distance between Porto Montenegro, Tivat and the Marina in Cavtat, Croatia?
The distance between the two is approximately 30 NM.

5. How much pre arrival notice do I need to give?
24 hour notice is preferable.

6. Which are the most exclusive restaurants in Boka Bay?
The best restaurants in Boka Bay are: Stari Mlini, Catovica Mlini and Galion.

7. In case of a problem, what are the numbers for emergency services?
122 - Police
123 - Fire brigade
124 – Ambulance

8. What is the Blue Cave’s position?
The Blue Cave is in position 42 23’ 09.76’’N  18 34.’ 37.98’’E.

9. Which hotels do you recommend in Kotor?
We recommend the Astoria, Vardar & Cattaro Hotels.

10. What is the distance between Porto Montenegro and Tivat airport?
The distance between the port and the airport is 5 km.

11. In which Montenegrin ports is wireless internet available?
Wireless internet is available in Kotor, Tivat and Budva.

12. What currency is used in Montenegro?
Montenegro uses the € EURO.

13. I’m bringing a dog with me, what documentation do I require?
You will need a Pet Passport and a veterinary certificate.

14. I will be berthed in Kotor, how far is the nearest hospital?
The nearest hospital is in Kotor, 1.5 km from the port.

15. Are there any taxes or duty to be paid for provisions or spare parts ordered from outside Montenegro?
No. There is no customs tax or duty on any incoming provisions or spare parts for foreign flag vessels berthed in Montenegro.