BCM Kotor

Visitors Info

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Port of entries / sea borders are:

  • Port of Zelenika
  • Port of Tivat
  • Port of Kotor
  • Port of Budva
  • Port of Bar

All vessel calling above ports should give 24h notice of ETA. Harbour Master offices at Port of Kotor, Tivat and Bar are open 24h, while others are open only daily working hours.


In general required documentation is:

  • A passports or IDs
  • A Visitors Visa (if required)
  • Crew & Passenger List
  • Evidence of Registration & Seaworthiness
  • Certificate of Competency for Master
  • A Proof of Ownership or Authorization for Use issued by Owner
  • Evidence of Insurance Policy


Nationals of countries that are not listed bellow, will need to obtain a Visitors Visa before traveling to Montenegro, unless Montenegro local
agency has been appointed for obtaining a Visa on Arrival. It takes normally 5 working days to process a such visa. Visitors will obtain on
arrival a one entry visa enabling an initial stay of up to 15 days.
Crew members and passengers that are not in possession of required visa, must remain on board the vessel under Master’s guaranty, at
all time.
Holders of travel documents containing a valid Schengen visa, a valid visa of the United States of America or a permission to stay in these
countries, may enter and stay, i.e. pass through the territory of Montenegro up to seven days, and not longer than the expiry of visa, if period
of validity of visa is less than seven days.
Nationals exempt from requirement to obtain a Visitors Visa:

Andorra** Austria**
Australia* Bosnia & Herzegovina**
Canada* Croatia**
Cyprus** Czech Republic**
Denmark** Estonia**
Finland** France**
Germany** Greece**
Hong Kong (China)* Hungary**
Iceland* Ireland**
Israel* Italy**
Kosovo** Korea (South)*
Latvia** Liechtenstein*
Lithuania** Luxembourg**
Macao (China)* Malta**
Macedonia** Monaco**
Netherlands** Norway*
Poland** New Zeland*
Portugal** San Marino**
Serbia** Singapore*
Slovak Republic** Spain**
Slovenia** Sweden**
Switzerland* US of America*
United Kingdom** Vatican City**
Albania*** Belgium**
Russia*** Ukraine***
Ecuador*** Cuba***
Peru*** Aruba*
Bermuda* Brazil*
Brunei* Bulgaria**
Chile* Costa Rica*
Guatemala* Honduras*
Japan* Malaysia*
Mexico* Nicaragua*
Netherlands Antilles* Panama*
Paraguay* Romania**
Salvador* Seychelles*
Turkey* Uruguay*


* Allowed for transit and stay up to 90 days with valid passport.
** Allowed for transit and stay up to 90 days with valid passport. Allowed to stay up to 30 days with valid id or document confirming identity and nationality.
*** Allowed for transit and stay up to 90 days with valid passport.
(Official Gazette of Republic of Montenegro No. 80/2008)


A vignette has to be obtained at nearest Harbour Master Office. Harbour Master Office shall issue the vignette on basis of documentation mentioned above. During the period of vignette validity, the total number of passengers and crew members shall not exceed the four-fold number of total number of persons that yacht is certified to carry as regulated in Yacht Registry. Any changes in Crew or Passenger list has to be reported to nearest Harbour Master Office. Additional persons staying on yacht while in port or anchorage need to be reported in Crew and Passenger list. Vignette has to be placed at all time on the visible part of the hull.

Vignette fees are as follows:

Size 1 week 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
7 - 12 m 40 € 95 € 200 € 280 € 400 €
12 - 17 m 120 € 220 € 400 € 540 € 750 €
17 - 24 m 200 € 340 € 600 € 800 € 1,100 €
over 24 m 420 € 600 € 900 € 1,240 € 1,500 €

(Official Gazette of Republic of Montenegro No. 18/2007)